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Because good equipment is the foundation…

Better performances. Faster delivery times. The continuously increasing pressure on transporters demands a lot of your employees and your equipment. Disappointed customers, because of late delivery or damage to products, are an absolute no-go.

Good maintenance is half the battle

Besides fast and competent repairs, we also advise you about preventive maintenance and how to prevent damages. A good maintenance company, as a partner of your business, is vital nowadays. A partner listens and thinks along, relieves you of work and keeps your equipment in the best condition. This way you can keep the promises you made to your highly demanding customer. Everywhere and anytime.

More than 20 years of experience.

Within the various Combo companies are currently nearly 50 people employed, by the synergy between the underlying companies enables us to optimally serve you as a customer.

Wij zijn ‘de’ specialist op het gebied van Intermodaal equipment. Zo kunt u terecht bij ons voor:

Container Repair and all associated works, Truck and Trailer service (APK), inspection, maintenance and repair of freight cars, buying and selling of Trucks and Trailers and we also have our own drivers / equipment so as to ensure optimal flexibility.

Combo Repair is your specialist in container repair. Always concerned. Always close, throughout the four locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we offer all activities concerning repairs and maintenance. Besides this we are certified by Veritas Container Inspection for performing maintenance.

Customization of a container? For example to be used around mechanical engineering, for storage or as a workstation, we modify it to your specific needs.

Storage or managing your containers? Our huge and guarded terrain is more than suitable for short and long term storage of your containers. From our terrain you can transport, possibly with help of one of our selected partners, fast and with ease over water, by road or railroad.

After we have done the required repairs and maintenance activities we may also perform the required liner activities, if you wish. The purpose of this? Making sure your driver is on the road again as soon as possible.

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